my yoyo system

heys guys i was wondering if any of you guys have a system for buying yoyos.Mine is until i finished advanced 2 in the videos here nothing over fifty dollars then until i finish expert 1 nothing over 85 dollars then after that no limit.And i can only buy a yoyo once i finish 100 string and when i go to order more ill buy the yoyo.This was sorta random and im really bored.

Hmm, well I live by the philosphy that you need to jump into cold water, not wade in ever so slowly.

When I started playing the bass I went to purchase a new one at a local store, and I was eyeing this fretless bass. This other customer came up and asked if I played fretless. I said no, just started on fretted, but I hope to one day. Well he said something that has always stuck with me. That I should get the Fretless, because when you do decide to go fretless, all the time spent on the fretted won’t give me an edge.
I will basically be learning all over again when it comes to fingering.
So I did, and I have never regretted it.

Now I am doing the tricks I can with my FHZ. But I am ready to order a SPYY and will be getting another SPYY in about 2 weeks. So I may not truely be ready for these advanced Yo-Yos. But I feel between them and my FHZ I will do all right. :wink:

I think when you get to a certain point it doesn’t matter anymore.

If General-Yo releases it, I buy it. It’s that simple.

Finally, somebody else like me! :smiley: