My yoyo needs some V-8

I think my yoyo needs some V-8.
Every time I throw (or a lot of the time) it’s leaning to one side or the other.
Especially if I throw hard.

Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?
Any tips to keep the release straight?

just practice. There is a lot of muscle memory involved, so it takes a lot of tries before it will really work.

in general, when doing the front-style throw I try to get the yoyo really well in my palm and let it roll of the front of my hand. For the side through, I hold it more in my fingers. I kinda try to roll or spin it with my fingers as it is coming off the hand.

once it leaves the hand, pay attenting to the way it is swinging vs the way the yoyo is spinning. You want the plane of the swinging yoyo to be the same as the plane of rotation of the yoyo. The spin of the yoyo, in general, will will try to conform the the direction you are swinging the who party, so if the swing is sloppy, it will hurt your spin.

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Maybe you need a v8

Haha! Maybe that’s it.