My yeti stripped. What do I do?


I was lightly screwing together my yeti, and then the axle stripped, and it won’t screw together. Is there any way I can fix it, or have I just wasted $60?


Sell it to me? lol


loctite the stripped side into the half or pay someone to mod it and have it accept a larger axle.


What is under the blue plugs at the end of the axel? If it is just a nut replace it.


Hub replacement! Have the first Yeti with a decent set of guts.


Contact CLYW before you take any of the above suggestions. Chris and Co. have some excellent customer service, if anyon will have a solution for you it will be one of them.  Here is the contact form on their website.


It’s just more of the plastic. If you watch the yeti maintenance video you can see Chuck putting the stickers on.


Is just the axle stripped?
If its just the axle, you can probably buy a new one from their site.


No, it’s the threads in the yoyo half


Welp, like the others said, your gonna get some professional help…


You cry.