My Three Questions


Thank you for your time in replying to our questions.

Question 1.
If a fairy tale evil witch cursed you by turning you into a Yo-Yo. What color way do think would best represent your personality?

Question 2.
You mentioned you cycle, my personal achievement was riding 110 miles on my birthday. What is your favorite achievement in cycling?

Question 3.
If you ever found yourself being a Superhero, would your costume have a cape?

Thank you again for doing this. Hope you enjoy answering them as we did asking.


Hi Blaidd_Drwg,

HAHA! Love these questions.

  1. Believe it or not, I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about this. I’m not 100% sure to be honest. I think Yoyo colours I gravitate towards are like blue-navy, sliver & black. Those are generally the colours of the Yoyos I use. So I’d probably be like a beadblasted navy blue Yoyo with a few silver laser engravings… Totally not exciting, but that’s probably it tbh…

  2. Ah 110 miles! That is crazy man! It must have felt so awesome to have completed it. I think my proudest Cycling achievement to date was doing a 4 day ride for the Day of Difference Charity. We rode roughly 390 miles across 4 days, with one day involving a 150mile ride. I think that remains my furthest distance ever ridden to date.

  3. Hmmmm, I don’t think I would have a cape. I’m more of a Spiderman fan, and he didn’t have a cape, so I’d go no cape. “No Capes!” (Edna Voice)

Thanks for the questions!!