My Speedmaker

Hey guys, I’m having trouble with my SPM. For some reason, a lot of times when I bind or just pull it up it knots. After it comesback up, I throw it then it shows it knottep up on the inside. I take it apart to get it undone and I found out that the loop came off the bearing and knotted up. Tell me what I’m doing wrong. Mark, do you have this problem?

So the string is slipping off the bearing? If so, you are probably playing with a gap setting the is too wide. But you will always get the occasional binding knot. It sounds like slippage though. There’s no need to push the gap width as far as possible.

It happens,there isnt much you can do to stop it,well,as far as I know.

Although,if the string is slipping off the bearing,your axle might be stripped,put loctite on it and it will be fine. :wink:

ok, so what about my problem with the string slipping off and knotting at the same time?

The slippage may cause the knotting. Just fix that slipping first, it’s the only thing that sounds like a big problem.

Well, I suggest doing backspin binds. From what I see in your videos, you don’t do backspin binds, so that may be your problem.

Ok, I’ll get in the habit of that.

Yeah… probably. Are you binding from BT Mounts?

Why do you do backspin binds? Aren’t you suppose to bind against the yoyo?

I dont,I do it with the spin of the yoyo.

That’s kind of what a backspin bind is. You pull the loop in the opposite direction of the yoyo’s spin. A bit self-explanatory in fact.

Oh yeah,my bad,that is what a backspin bind is,but it doesnt always work for me,so I dont do it.
(sorry for going off topic)

Backspin binds are known to bind better and neater than frontspin binds.

Well,I dont think so,it’s just how I do it.

It’s actually basic physics. If the yoyo is spinning against the loop, it will grab that loop and wind it up. Try rolling a yoyo against your freehand pointer. If you do it slowly, the string might start to catch up in there. That’s the effect you want to create with a bind. And it’s just natural that a backspinbind will do that better.

I tried it before,I dont like how it binds.

Another thing to add, i get knots very easily when playing with an old string, or a string with bad string tension. Keep good tension and don’t use old strings.