My Sliding Tethered Die v.2.0 (Bearingized) *updated*

Now onto Ver. 1.5
Took some time on this guy, He’s bearingized with a Size A bearing, the second weight is something i made from believe it or not in this order []a spacer --[] a nozzle for zap goo,:[] a freehand spacer, and a button (*), and i threaded kevlar string thru it to make it detachable. Then i stripped the Skull CW with acetone and painted his eyes lol, The hard part was, i started this when i was not at work and had no tools, so believe it or not i bored that perfect tapered hole with a small step as a bearing seat with a pair of scissors…lol took 5 hours. anyway it works great, Ver. 2.0 is in the works, i plan to use a die and not have as much of the second weight sticking out.

Hope you guys like it!

You’re getting there.

Try cutting out the slipknot. It seems like it would slow down the 5a to astro transition. Find a stopper with a hole small enough to prevent a knot from passing through it.

Also, try rounding both ends of the hole. It lets the die slide up and down the string easier.

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The other thing i would think about is the weight of the end piece. If it is too light, many double dice tricks become crazy hard.

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its actually a steel spacer so its kinda heave, ver.1.5 is insane, ill post pics tomorrow guys, lets just say its bearingized, and ver 2.0 is in the works!

added ver 1.5

Gets better and better every time man! Can’t wait for 2.0. I may requisition one from you. :slight_smile:

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Hope ya like it!