My Skyline

So my Ti-888 package arrived last week and I really love it, it’s got a great old school feel. It also came with a modern skyline, a very welcome extra that was unlocked.

Sadly, mine didn’t come with the monster that others had on theirs. Feeling a bit down about it, I decided to draw one myself. So it went from this:

To this:

I also put his nemesis on the other side:
Kinda dorky looking but I had fun doing it.


One of a kind!

You can sell that on eBay now for 3 grand


haha that’s awesome!


Very cool way to make the Skyline your own.


How does the skyline compare to the 888?


In my opinion the skyline and ti888 play very similar. Shape wise there is not much difference, it like they’re cousins.

The skyline feels slightly heavier on the string and the ano has a great finish that’s perfect for grinds. My ti888 has the brushed finish which is also excellent for grinds. Skyline has no irg and although it’s probably not impossible it would be very tricky to perform thumb grinds where as the ti888 has a small lip where the thumb can catch it.

Over all they are both fantastic throws, probably the best hubstacked yoyos out there. The skyline is fantastic for the price. Mine came with a flat bearing but I’m not sure what the normal release has included. Not an issue though.


I like my Skyline, but the flat bearing it came with didn’t really suit it, in my opinion. The gap is a tad wide, so binds are actually less tight, and I had a few painful incidents with it snagging in a weird way. However, all of that changed with a spare center-track I had and now it plays much more predictably. You are spot on about the finish, I think it is possibly my favorite bead blast I’ve tried so far.


Thanks for the reviews. I got a blue and are liking it.