My school yoyo club started an instagram account. Any advice on keeping people invested in throwing?

My high school’s yoyo club, which I helped start, now has an instagram account:

Most members are intro players, and we want the insta account to showcase our progress as well as promote it to newer members.
Also a quick thanks to @da5id for giving us a discount on some Onedrops for our club.





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Thanks you guys!

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oooh ideas…


Any ideas on how to get people more invested in yoyoing?
We have a lot of members but not too many are interested in learning tricks

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Is this Minnetonka High School in Minnesota?


Yes it is!


Maybe try teaching tricks that are classic/low difficulty/eye-catching for the average pleb/non-yoyoer

They will get invested in it on their own if they desire, I don’t think there’s any simple way to get kids invested into anything, it’s up to their own devices and interests - keeping the entire hobby approachable and simple to beginners should be your main goal, things that are too advanced may sway people away.

And if you do decide to “teach” - try to refrain from over simplifying steps, really break the tricks down and make sure to review the single nuances that could go into a trick

Perhaps create a “homework sheet” in which all members tackle on the same trick, maybe after 2 weeks see who has it down best and give a small yo-yo related prize (string, pads, pouch, etc) to the “winner”
Doesn’t have to be yoyo related either, maybe a humble coupon to a local eatery?


That’s awesome. Small world when I first moved here I lived in Excelsior and my son was set to go to Tonka, but we wound up buying a house in St. Michael. It’s cool to see more yoyo players here.

Good luck!!

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Thats neat! Did you come to MN States this year?

Sadly no, I wanted to and the one at the mall, but I did not get the chance. Did you go? Compete?

The advice I got was to have regularly scheduled meetings, and to check up on people who are there to make sure everyone is getting attention.

Yes I did compete, but I didn’t do too great. 13/15. Oh well, it was a lot of fun meeting people though. Come around next year! (Also MWR at MOA)

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We do meet on Fridays. I guess my point is, how do I get people to keep learning tricks? This year I want to try a competition thing where whoever learns the most tricks gets a cash prize or something.

Trick ladder is always a nice way to go for something like this. Gives them a good roadmap too, instead of just stabbing at whatever tricks they get when they search ‘yoyo trick’ on youtube.

Edit: Followed, obvs.


That’s awesome!! Just be proud you competed. My wife keeps trying to get me to compete but I don’t have the guts.

Be proud!!!

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Try it out next year! Doesn’t matter how you do, everyone will cheer you on. It’s about having fun!

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