My Retro Axiom

Me and my dad modded it. It turned out better than we expected! ;D


Very cool.


Cool raw look!

Risky to mod an expensive Yo-Yo… - but oh well!

Great job! :wink:

The yoyo was really beat up and shook a lot. Now Its VERY smooth!

Haha. I bet! :wink:

Nice man!! Now i want to try it with my Axiom!!! ;D

Cool, it’s an awesome mod.

Thanks guys!

That looks nice!

awesome mod dude

First picture looks like a Jamboo. :smiley:

Cool mod!

How does that look like a Jamboo?

It is pretty cool, though.

completely agree.
very nicely done.
i wish i had that kind of skills. ;D

Oh, now I see. It has the wood looking metal because of the reflection. Oops…

That is just awesome work there. NICE.

Woa! That was very cool!