My response fell out of my genesis

One of my K-pads in my Genesis fell out, and I was wondering if there is any form of light adhesive I could put in there, I really don’t want to silicone it just yet, and I don’t want to have to buy new ones. help?

Ive put hot glue my new breed before, Was kinda messy but it worked.

I suggest just silicon-ing it till you can buy new pads

There’s not really a good way of re-using old pads like that. By the time they fall out, the grippiness of them has worn down pretty far.

Yeah, you’re gonna have to buy some new ones or sili it. Apetrunk has a goos point.

There is an adhesive called Fabri-Tac that I’ve used in a pinch. It’s a silicone adhesive they sell at craft stores. It kinda behaves like hot glue, but comes in a squeeze bottle and doesn’t have to be heated, which means you can manipulate it with your fingers without ending up in the emergency room.
If you know someone that sews or does scrapbooking, they probably have a bottle of it and a little smear around the back side of the pad will last for long enough to get new pads in or get to the auto store to get silicone.
As far as buying it yourself, it costs about 2 to 3 times as much as flowable silicone and/or new pads, and isn’t going to bring the pad back to life. But it will buy you some time.