My question about removing bearings out of yoyos.

I don’t know that remove the bearings from inside (use the bearing removable tool) or remove them from out side (use plyers) will cause less damages to the bearing.
And 1 more question is: Will Spec be rusted?

With the bearing removal tool, you wanna just put the tool in between the bearing and wiggle and pull out and it should come out. With plyers, all you wanna go is grip the bearing and wiggle and pull out aswell. And with the spec bearings, they don’t rust. Hope this helps! Have fun throwing! :wink:

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If it was me, I would recommend using a bearing removal tool. While it may be an additional purchase and an additional item to add to your inventory and tool box, the concept is that it should prevent you from damaging a bearing. I know YoYoFactory makes two tools, available here, for bearing purposes. Another user has contacted me via PM(private message) to purchase a bearing puller. I’m going to contact him in regards to completing a transaction for one of these bearing pullers.

When removing a bearing from the outside using a pair of pliers, you run the risk of squeezing too hard. This excess pressure is what may cause you to wreck your bearing. If done properly, this can be a rather safe method of removal, but it’s not the method I would recommend. I always recommend using the correct tool for the job. As long as you’re not going to squeeze down, ideally you should be fine using pliers, but use the kind that have preferably a round cut-away in the center for the wire cutter. The tend to work better as you will use this area to help properly grip the bearing.

Some people have suggested finding a drill bit that will fit inside the bearing and use that as a bearing removal device.

Before you do anything, please watch a few videos about bearing removal and bearing cleaning and general yoyo maintenance. A little knowledge will go a long way.

Regarding rust:
That depends on a good many factors. I strongly suggest using a tiny bit of an approved lubrication into your bearing just to help prolong the life of the bearing and reduce general wear and tear. This practice should help prevent rust. Other than that, you won’t know until you remove the shields and clean it.

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Spec bearings are exposed to rust. Though it’s stainless steel, doesn’t mean it won’t rust.

It’s stain-less, not stain-proof.

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It is not a good thing when you have to use a removal tool to get a bearing out of a yoyo.
RS188ZZ ( C size) bearings are not made for a press fit on metal.

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correct way to remove a bearing is
if mounted on inner ring - remove by inner ring
if mounted on outer ring - remove by outer ring

but whatevers, i don’t have a tool

So if I have some thing similar to the bearing removable tool (it is just need a little bigger to fit the inner ring of size C bearings), so can I use it to remove bearing? Or just use plyers if I can’t have a bearing removable tool?

yessir. I usually use a 1/4" drill bit (the back end) or plyers. the 1/4" is for C, and technically B, size bearings only. or there’s the string trick where you unscrew the yoyo, put a wrap around the axle with a string, screw it back together, then unscrew it again. the bearing should be on the size with the string. then just pull up on the string, and the bearing should come out.

Credit to yoyoFRReeak for showing me the video, and mjc604 for making it. :slight_smile:

^wow thanks that string trick is awesome. I screwed up a 10ball with pliers but this works much better! Hitman FTW!!!

Use pliers: Put the pliers horizontal, grab the bearing (still horizontal pliers) and just wiggle it out. That’s what I always did and it never failed [yet].

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