My pet mouse

The mouse that lives inside my printer is having a cherry for lunch today.


That is funny

Let me get this straight. A legit mouse lives in your printer. And you feed it daily?

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t know it’s my pet mouse.
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That’s still really funny. Does he get scared when you print out papers?

mouse.doc is gonna be a bit squishy.

I don’t use the printer any longer, so it’s a safe mouse house.
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That happened to my friend. He was trying to figure out why his laser printer wasn’t working, and he found a mouse! It chewed through the wires.

I thought that might happen so I made sure it’s unplugged. Don’t want my little friend to get zapped.
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I think I am blind because I can’t see the mouse lol. God Bless - Moefv

This is awesome. Haha

Here it is having a drink of water.

Awww, that’s cute :slight_smile:

It is.
The mouse is having strawberries for lunch today.
Eventually I’m going to have to inconvenience it so I can open up the printer and clean it up. Good thing about it being in the printer is I can close it up, put it in a box and the mouse can hang out in the box while I clean it and then go back in.
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