Monkey Snot Problem


Okay, so I’ve been using Monkey Snot for a few months now, and I love it, but I have a little problem. Well, after a while it evidently breaks, and when it does, some little pieces are always left. The thing is, I can never get those out. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Use something like a toothpick or one of those plastic dental floss thingies with the pick job on the end to dig out the left over bits. Anything softer than the aluminum should work and not scratch your recess.


I’ll try it, thanks!


Am I the only one amused by this thread?

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(Waylon) #6

Is there something humorous about it we’ve overlooked?


I believe the humor is in the context.


For shure it is. :slight_smile:

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Ah. Well then, now that that’s all cleared up… :confused:

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I’m still a little stuffed up.

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Can’t believe I missed that lol. Now I’m laughing. I should sleep more lol.


Don’t get all Audio-Technica on me.

(For those not in the know, Shure is a brand of microphones. I have quite a few of their mics: SM58, SM57, SM86, Beta 91, Beta 52A, just to name a few)

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I thought Shure made the SM series. I’m not a gear guy though so I may be wrong. I deliberately remain ignorant so when I play festivals and have an off day I can just blame the sound man.


It’s OK. We document “garbage in, garbage out”!

Back on topic:

The best way to clean out Monkey Snot is with a tissue.


Did I miss something? I don’t know if I’m just slow, but I don’t get what you guys are talking about…?

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It kinda sounds like I’m giving you nose picking advice.


You guys crack me up :smiley: even i did not catch that.


Problem with Monkey snot, having to pick it out of a yoyo…

Snot, boogers.

Come on. Booger joke. Do really gotta spell it out?


Wow… can’t believe I didn’t catch that one. I’m usually pretty good at those kind of things… I feel pretty dumb now…

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Don’t feel bad. It took me a minute. :slight_smile: