My Original Plan

Just letting you all know that ive decided to stick with the DV888
until i see what m1 is like, i dont even know where to find them

i need to be ordering from yye, so yeah.
ill just get dv with spare kpads and string, but i have some other money, it could get me a kk and some silicon for my hitman??
or something for the dv?
its enough to afford kk and silico0ne so wat should i get with it

please answer ma Q’s

Buy more string, you will run out faster than you think.

holy crap
this is so hard
i might get blue minimotu and get a ckk??
with silicone and 100 string?

is minimotu fairly advanced?
wat do u no about it?

Please stop making new posts all the time to ask questions about some other yoyo you’ve found. You should really either just pick one and stick with it, or not get another one.

Ceramic Koncaves, as we have said, won’t help you get super almighty spin times. It might get you just a little tiny bit longer ones but who cares if you get 5 minutes and 15 seconds instead of 5 minutes? (It might be a little bit more than that, but not much) The important thing in this is your throw.


Pheenix is right get more string i used about 100 in 2 weeks

and you can find yoyos on  here is a link.

Please don’t post links to other sites. Thanks.

If YYE doesn’t carry it, it’s allowed. But we would perfer that you do it in pm. But he didn’t break the forum rules.

Yeah he technically didn’t go against them, but it’s something that could have been said by typing “One drop yoyos are at their website.” Oh well. He picked a yoyo.

One-Drop is allowed.

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Yeah, Yoyoexpert doesn’t sell Onedrop at all, and Ándre has made it pretty clear that they won’t anytime soon.

2 weeks=14 days

100strings/14 days=7.14285714 strings a day=20 dollars/month

If you used only half of those strings, you’d save about 10 dollars per month. Do that for a year and you got a premium YYF. Gotta put things in perspective.

Addment: Also enviromental damage…

m1 at yoyoguy