My Nickel @ Cuts Strings...

Hi, my RecRev @ is snapping strings right near the bearing. Has anyone else experienced this? The yoyo is nickel plated. I tried rubbing jeans on it but it didn’t work. Any solutions?

Rub more. A LOT more.

Also, contact the place of purchase. Since YYE doesn’t carry the “@”(best I can tell), you’ll need to contact that reseller.

I do recommend rubbing down the whole bearing area. Also, this yoyo should have a Buddha Bearing Ripple bearing(Trifecta clone) installed, which should keep the string from the sides.

Okay. And I got it in the Secret Santa so there’s no reseller to contact.

Well, I can see why it ended up in the Secret Santa.

I’ll send a PM, but really, there’s no point. I’m sure it’s past when the reseller can deal with this except to direct you to RecRev. Just keep rubbing that bearing area down.

What bearing is in there? As a compromise, what does it look like?

Hm, well it snapped a string with a CT, a flat and maybe the Crucial v2. I don’t remember exactly.

That’s rough…
(Ba dum Pshhhh)

This happened to my shutter with the strig it came with, but as soon as i installed a ct ( and after 2 type x randomly snapped) it became okay

Any visible sharp edges or anything?

Dont bother contacting recrev, they dont answer, on here, fb or emails… :frowning:

Rather then using jeans I’d use one of those green Scotch brite pads. just light pressure and polish it up. Worked a charm for me in the past.