My Newest Video Clyw Avalanche

What do you think?
are there any ways I can improve futur vids?


Come a little closer to the camera next time :wink: thats all my advice…

Agreed. Or mix between different distances. The distance you have as a setup, and then nice and close for most of the trick, and then either back to the distant shot, or just to a torso + head shot for the bind. (not necessarily the exact same pattern each time, but just as an example)!

Unfortunately with one camera that means doing the same combo at roughly the same speed and amplitude a few different times.

Actualy I can crop the Image and zoom it closer

Thanks for the advice BC and gregp

I really liked it! That slack/whip trick at 1:00 was awesome!


  1. not a fan of the pausing in the middle of the combo or trick if this was because of a knot then you might want to practice filming in front of the camre with out it actually recording (works for me)
  2. it is hard to see the string because its filming against snow so use a different colored string
  3. it was a little to far away

Thanks for the Advice Ill work on making That Better
(I would have perfected the video more but it was really cold outside so I did not want to film forever)

I could see the string fine, but he was to far…

The same background and string just a little closer should be fine.

And Abby, whats more “showable” (lol) than Neon Yellow?

I dont know what I can do to make the string more visable but I will work on the other things abby suggested