My latest video! Features a trick I call munchies and the inside of a gas station.

Yoyo used: YYF Genesis+
String: Crocostring Cat tails

Coming to a corner store near you!

Comments welcome.

GUY! That’s REALLY good! Super impressed with how good you’re getting so quickly… and making your own really good tricks.

No real critique here. Very well done.

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trick was nice buy i suggest you to work on your breakaway throw, i had same problem as you but finnaly i learned throwing it nearly straight down, it looks better for me and you dont need that amount of space to throw

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Bump. Thoughts?

Pretty good! I think it could have been longer though and the string was hard to see otherwise great tricks!


The whole time I was just thinking…I want to be your friend

You’re editing and film making is beyond what I see in many other videos…

And I’m seeing your progression too! ;D

Keep filming!!

I’ll definitely keep filming. I find video making quite fun.

I always try to get better along the way to.

Nice stuff … The location is cool… I dig the hair!

^thank you.

Second Bump.

Third bump. :wink:

Any last thoughts or suggestions?

Maybe stand a little bit closer to the camera, or get a fisheye so you can be super close up

Why closer? Will this make my videos better?

It will help with string visibility.

I’ll give it a try today then!

It would just make it easier to see your tricks

Don’t get really close, maybe about a half of a step closer