FebruarYo, my new video with a ridiculously cheesy name! I hope you guys like it!

Yoyo: Torrent 2 by General Yo

Very cool. Great song choice.

Love it! But I only found one “Easter egg”. I think.

Yeah, I talked about the other in a comment.

It’s not really an Easter egg, just a coincidence that probably no one would have gotten.

Thanks for the kind words eb and Waylon!

Sweet video! I loved the coincidence and Easter egg!

Anyway, nice editing, nice tricks, and woah, I’m an inspiration?

Yessir! You inspired me for my trick Kangaroo and that trick led me to make the Eli hop type trick I did in the video!

Only bump im gonna do!

Next video will HOPEFULLY be with a Entheos! A buddy of mine has one for me to get via trade and that Yoyo is just awesome! But I guess that is typical for General Yo…

If you don’t own a General Yo you should really check out the new MODEL10 they’re releasing soon in the General Yo thread on here. Its looking great!


I absolutely loved the video! Always fun to see something new from you…

Ridiculous. (In a good way.)

Well thanks.

Dear people who say stuff like ^…

You guys are the best.

Sincerely, me.

Nice trick flow you got going there!

If I can offer a suggestion from one video producer to another.
You tend to have your camera placed rather far away from where you are yoyoing. You might consider pulling in a bit either moving the camera forward, or perhaps zooming in with focus on you for some nice depth of field.
When you have the camera away from you and such a distance, it shows more of you and scenery which is nice, but also takes away from the yoyoing as it becomes less of a focal point in the frame.

To show the most technicality and allow others to appreciate what is going on within the trick elements, pulling in might be advantageous for you.

Otherwise, nice stuff, just something to take into consideration.



No problem,dude!

Thanks for the advice Josh! I’m still relatively new to the video-making business so the advice is greatly appreciated :stuck_out_tongue: I honestly thought when I was filming that I was standing too close to the camera, but the next video I make will probably be more focused on the trickery goin’ on than the scenery. Another problem is that I’ve just been setting the camera up on a tripod and just recording so I dont really see what goes on from behind the camera too much, but I guess more time will have to go into the filming than I have been putting into it (It usually takes me around 1 day to get everything)

Maybe for a(ny) “bigger” trick(s) I’ll pull it farther away from me.

Yeah, I would have the camera farther away when you’re doing bigger tricks (stuff with eli hops etc) and pull it closer for techy type stuff.

Is that the Panther string? How are you liking it?

Actually its kitty string but I do love the panther string!

I honestly like the proto you gave me more because I like my string rougher haha but they still havent worn out so bravo to you for making long-lasting strings!

Owen, your sick broseph. I always enjoy your videos! Do you think you can post a tut on that last repeater trick? Ive been going to a lot of raves lately gunna take my throw to the next one and that repeater would be perfect! Have all the rave girls wa tin to dance with me hahahaa

I honestly dont think I can make a tut… I really suck at them haha. Ive tried REALLY hard to find a way to make those other tutorials but I cant make a nice and clean way to describe the tricks to you guys… My tricks are basically muscle memory and the only way I can really teach tricks is like at contests or clubs when I actually meet the people.

So anyone who goes to MER, maybe i’ll be able to teach the trick(s) to you there.