My New video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is my first “long” video. I hope you like it!
I made the first trick up and dont know what to name it.
Any suggestions? I was thinking of calling it Rollie Pollie.
The song is Forward Motion by Relient K.


Like you said this was your first long video. But the thing is that about halfway through you had lost my attention. The yo-yoing was good but I don’t think it was good enough to occupy a 4 min video. You could try and change angles to make it more interesting. Overall good throwing.

I couldnt I was using the camera on my computer.

Just a few tips.

Allow embedding. This will make it convenient for us to watch it. Don’t worry about people showing it on their websites or something, take it as free advertising. They can’t steal the video or anything like that. I didn’t use to think this way though.

Try using a shorter song, and a slower song. This music doesn’t really suit your playing style.

Nice cat!

For the plan D, try to get the swinging, not just putting it onto the strings. Try to smoothen out and perfect the tricks before putting it on the video, it makes it more nice to watch.

For the eiffel tower from a double or nothing onto the back string, that is actually Mickey’s knot dissapearing trick. Instead of just dropping it, throw it so that it tangles around the strings a bit more, so the knot dissapearance looks more awesome.

But still, nice video ;D

I know I am not that smooth on Plan D but it is my first “long” video. I am trying to work on smoothness.