Review coming up.

I’ve tried it, then some binds will be successful, then some not. ???
The bearing is big!, This is the Large YYJ size bearings right?

It is bought in Spinworkx (

YYJ bearings are not stainless right?, so my friend said that after playing, remove the string in the Yo-yo so that the bearing wont be rusted. So I’ll do that thing?, I need answers from YYJ users!

And I will now start to remove the O-ring to put silicone, Any tips?

Congrats. Yes, it is the YoYoJam Size C Bearing.


Just keep yur hands steady for the silicone, you’ll do fine.

Your title was like Forum Graffiti. Keep it clean and you’ll be fine

Just practice your binds. As you practice, you will get more consistent binds.

They are not stainless. You don’t need to remove the string or anything. Just keep it away from water. It will eventually turn another color, but it won’t affect play. Don’t worry about it.

Anyway, Grats on getting your speedmaker :slight_smile:

Nice! hope you enjoy it! :smiley: