My new Sandpapered and Polished Dark Magic


Hi this is my new sandpapered and polished DM (sandpaper320grit)


(Johnny rocks!!!) #2



honestly it looks like its been beaten up by the sandpaper. . .(just givin my personal opinion) ;D


boywhoyo yur right maybe i haved sandpapered my dm too much


u should satin the rims and, then use the plastic plishin stuff u can get at a local hardware store, spin it on a drill or lathe when u do this. ;D


what color was it before you sandpapered it

(Justin the JeeJaw) #7

Use higher grit for better polish


pretty cool

(DOGS) #9

it was always the same color

use a higher grit or a polishing compound for better results :wink:

(yoyo jake) #10

or both


Hey what grid sandpaper did you use cus i used 1200 grid and it didnt come up cuffy like yours then i hand polished it and it looks like its brand new :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


look on the second picture
it looks like custom / special caps
yoyoexpert edition