MY new case

Here is my new case it hold 16 yoyos 6 couter weights and a bottle of yyf lube (Thank you to bret and beverchauks for the tuts)

1st row: 888, project, m1, m1
2nd row: wedgie, mini motu, dark magic, kickside
3rd row: painted grind machine, FHZ, mosquito, imperial
4th row: hyabusa, bloop, pads

Sweet case, Could you tell me where you got the foam, i’ve been trying to find some

id pay 75 for it

i payed 12 for mine and it holds more stuff.

you can get foam at hobbytown or hobbylobby

you can get foam at jo anns or hankock fabrics

is that my old wedgie and m1 i spy?

i miss that wedgie, its a sweet throw

Awesome case.

Haha! love the counterweights! where did you get those? ???

Duncan sells them as a set, well they have two that i know of. one comes with three (ball, dice and something else) and the with 6 0r 8 i cant remember which but it come with heads like the one you see here.

great case ;D

You can buy them right here. Here is the direct link make sure you click counterweight Headset in the drop down menu.

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ZOMG your M1 looks good!


lol it used to be mine, the only reason i got those colors is thats all they had in stock and i had an all blue pad m1 already

It still looks wicked though.

where did u get the metallic case?

Thats a cool case man. ;D Better then the one I made… :frowning:

wow really cool.

they’re out of stock
and cool case. Mine is my decaesed grandfathers suitcase that i put foam in and its all beat up and awesome

very cool. where did u get the case from