My nats placing!

Hey guys :slight_smile: i just wanted to let everyone know that i placed 35th in the nation :)… After a little more than a year :slight_smile: Cant wait for nats2016!!\

EDIT: This is my PRELIM!!

did you include people seeded to finals and last years top 3


Cool! Hopefully I can get to a easier contest to compete at because bac competition is unreal.

Your freestyle was really good, Taylor. It was nice to meet you in person there.

Just for the record, I took 8th place overall in 5A including the seeded player.

Did you make it to finals? I was there but was’nt watching much of 5a.

Congratulations guys! Keep on climbing that ladder. :slight_smile:

I was one place short of finals. Which sums up my life…

There’s always next year man, you’re young! Just make it your goal to make it to finals, from seeing your freestyle, I know you could definitely do it.

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You too man. Good job.

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EDIT: Added video!!