My MSG to newish yoyoers, from an experienced yoyoer

dcs937 guide to newbs - intermediate yoyoers

If you dont know anything and want to start yoyoing buy a velocity. Dont buy a journey or a whip unless you want shorter spin times. This yoyo will allow you to make it responsive or unresponsive. There is no right answer but you should start responsive then go to unresponsive.

Beginner: Watch the videos on this website, maintenance and beginner. DO IT. TRUST ME.
-You can skip UFO, but learn how to fix your tension soon if you can on your own (you tube etc). The actual move of UFO is not important.

If you can bind and have no problem doing it… Buy a yoyo that doesnt need to be screwed like the velocity. Buy a cheap metal that fits your liking… Here are my suggestions:
If you are just past binding buy the METALS: dv888 or yuuksta

If you can bind but your on a budget:
You can also get cheap/good PLASTICS: from YYF: Starlite, Protostar, Northstar, GrindMachine.

Now stick to this website and finish out most of the tricks (forget the ones that you cant finish or dont like, but do your best first.

If budget is not an issue: learn if you like metal small or large. Go through the high end yoyos and pick a small metal and a big metal. See what you like better than go see what the hype is about(probably CLYW). Follow the trends (to see what you like) or just go big/large and H shaped/ more rounded visa versa.

Bearings: Dont listen to anyone else: they make a difference… see what you like best out off ALL companies you come around. You also use C bearings. yea they make yoyos out of other letters too but honestly dont worry about those yet. If you bought a yoyo with a different size I would suggest buying a C sized.

String: Try kitty string or regular YYE string. Its fine but if you want to ventrue out then do it once you finish a lot of tricks.

Have fun!

For plastics I’d say go for YYJ yoyos, they’re cheap and really good.
Go check out what’s in this site’s store.
Check the specs too.
Undersized is starting at about 50 mm, full sized at about 52-53 mm.
For bearings I recommend getting a C sized bearing yoyo, C size is what is most commonly used these days.
Just my 2 cents

I disagree. All yoyojam plastics are good for beginners.

Ctually I hear that the duncan raptor, echo and metropolis are great bang for the buck where as the dv888 I hear is only decent.

Really, bearings are a non-issue as long as you keep them running well. The only reason most yoyo’s are “C” is because yoyojam popularized the size as a “Standard.” Really, just play yoyo and don’t worry about bearing stuff.


your monosodium glutamate is duly noted.

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They’re starting out…they’re diving into the new hobby. Do you think they care a single bit about bearings? Heck, even spin times? They just want the yoyo to work. They’re not looking for doing 5 minute combos yet, even though they wish to get there as soon as possible.

For a bang for the buck, the YYJ Classic does the job.

Heck, I’ve been yoyoing pretty hard for 2 years and I don’t care about bearings and they really don’t make a difference.

^ Agreed. I’ve been playing for 7+ years and don’t care about bearings.

this is more of “personal opinion” rather than actual helpful advice to newbies.


I never though of 52-53 as being fullsized. My scale always went like this

<50: mini
50-52: Undersized
52-54: Mid sized
54-56L Full sized
56<: Over sized

It’s not a big deal I guess, but I think 53mm is a bit small to consider something full sized.


The title is “My MSG to newish…”.

This is just my opinion. I have showed my friends yoyos and honestly the thing they hate most is the short spin times more than anything. They want to do multiple tries on a trick without having to wind it back up etc. This is why I am against the journey and what not. The Dark Magic 1 was perfect for me but I havent played the 2 so I cant say about that.

This is the advice I would give a new yoyoer and I have with my friends and it has worked without any problems at all.