my modded throws... (some are not mine)

now guys im a beginner modder… i have only 1 power tool and it is my drill which is useless cuz it vibes a lot… and i cant afford to buy a latte… which i wish have for modding… here my mods for now... i satined some yoyos using just my hand and some sand papers…

first is my DM and Lyn Fury mod… it has a mirror cap on both sides… silicone response and the straburst on the DM was sanded a little bit… also both yo`s are satined and brought to its shine again… the black strap is a yo holder that i made…

a shinwoo zen (not sure what version) satined

here is the zen 1 satined and 1 not satined (just to spot the difference on each)

a G5 satined rims… (i cant really tell the difference cuz the color of the G5 is silver)

the black thing on the left is electrical tape… just to protect the spot which is not being satined…

also i hubstack the zen and i made my own dice stacks for the G5… its good but i bet the rice stacks are much better.. ill just post the pix next time cuz it is with its owner right now

just post what you want to say… thankss… ill mod some yos next time…

i have the pix on the G5 and zen

Those are some really nice mod jobs and satin jobs. You’re pretty good for a beginner modder, I really like it. Also, you don’t need to double post, you can just modify your post next time. :wink:

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Keep the camera farther away from what you are photographing so it is in focus. Looks okay, but the Zen loks disgusting. Keep working at it :slight_smile:

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thanks… i just have a crappy phone thats why its not in focus… i`m trying to mod the zen more… thinking of cool design for the polish… i want it to be unique and functional… hehehehe… ;D

nice :slight_smile:

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The G5 looks awesome, the zen looks OK. Great overall job, especcially for a beginner!!!

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