My majesty has lost it's smoothness ???


When I first got my majesty. It was smooth. On the first throw it was smooth. So smooth I genuinely couldn’t tell if it was spinning, the string had zero vibe even next to the yoyo, and I literally couldn’t hear the yoyo spinning either .

After a couple of days however I got some fluff in the bearing and it went all CRRACKSKLCCKEKWJE. Super noisy, like they sometimes do. So I thought hey I’ll clean the bearing with some white spirit and throw in a tiny drop of yoyo jam thin lube.

Put the bearing back in my yoyo and started throwing to notice the yoyo was now as smooth as all my CLYW yoyos. Which compared to how the majesty was originally is no where near as buttery smooth. And it was slightly more responsive . And snaggy.

I then put in my kk ceramic bearing and then other bearings. Still no where near as good, and still responsive .

My question is what the hell has happened to my majesty ??? I can’t understand how what was a stupidly smooth yoyo has gone all average yoyo on me ?

Any recommendations ?



It’s the bearing.


It sounds like the bearing is the culprit even though you cleaned it. You mentioned that you have clyws… Maybe you could switch their bearing into your majesty and see if there is a difference. If so, I would recommend either cleaning it again, or purchasing a new bearing. If the play stays the same with a different bearing then check your bearing seat for any debris that could affect the bearing. . If none of this works, then I honestly have no idea what it could be. :-\



If you cleaned the bearing, and then tried all of your other bearings and it’s still not as smooth, then you may have damaged the bearing seat when removing or replacing the bearing. I’ve never had any general yos, so I don’t know how tight their bearing seat is, but I do know that if you get even the tiniest indention in the metal of the bearing seat it will cause the yoyo to be less smooth. Yoyofactory yoyos are the only yoyos that I have had this happen, but because of that I always put the yoyo half with the bearing in the freezer for a bit before I remove the bearing.