My local post office,

(Waylon) #1

in a word, sucks.

You see, I track my packages like any normal person. They never arrive on time, according to the USPS site.

Here’s an example: 0311 3260 0001 1880 5546.

It went out for delivery today. The mail has run. It is not in my mailbox. What are we paying these people for? The packages I send arrive on time, which is what leads me to believe its my local branch.

I’ve asked them repeatedly to not leave my packages on my doorstep. My apartment complex is equipped with package lockers. They persist in leaving them on the doorstep.

I went three months without getting an issue of Chess Life until I complained about it.

The mailman is constantly putting my correspondence chess move cards in my neighbors mailbox. Bear in mind, I can be removed from a tournament for bring too slow to move. I paid to play in theses tournaments.

To date, I’ve lost a few books, a set of diabolo sticks and who knows what other bits of mail over the three years I’ve been in this particular route area.

Any suggestions?


You play chess?



Wow. I think it has a lot to do with your apartment complex, and there must be something about the system in your building that is not agreeable to the postal service. My guess is that just because your apartment complex provides a more secure method of leaving the packages (the lock box), their policy does not require they use it. Especially if it is a big complex with lots of people, it might take too long to distribute packages that way. If the carrier complained that it ties up the route, they may have been given permission to avoid it.

I recommend you get a P.O. Box. It will cost you around $50 for 6 months, or $90 for a year. You will have to go to the local branch to get your mail, when the post office is open, BUT, it is a more secure means of receiving your mail. It is also a good way to avoid giving out your home address to strangers online.

I used to record and promote my own music. I’ve had one since then, and mostly get magazine subscriptions and other random things. My carrier has nowhere to put my packages, but on my doorstep. I’m in a house, but if I think I won’t be home in the evening when the package is expected, I’ll use the P.O. Box address. It is very useful, secure, and the post office is two minutes from my house. I hope that helps.

(Owen) #4

Dude, Waylon, I feel like we’re twins.

You were sick when I was.

And both of our Postal Services suck.

I’m dead serious. My house always gets our neighbors packages.

And our neighbors always get ours.
I feel your pain


I gotta be Uncle Sam’s advocate here and say my mailman treats me pretty good. Like tonight, he left me a note he has a C3yoyodesign Capless and Trifecta bearing waiting for me to come by in the morning and pick-up!

I feel like it’s Christmas Eve and Santa’s going to come tonight. ;D


Haha. I agree, I have not had any horror stories with the USPS. There have been a few weird incidents with mail taking the long route or a detour after I sent it, but nothing related to my local post office or carrier. Generally good service for me too.

(Waylon) #7

I don’t feel I should have to get a po box. It would be very inconvenient and a lot like extortion. The USPS is a business, and a dying one because they regularly fail to meet customer expectations. Had I lodged a similar complaint with ups, you can bet the issue would be resolved by now.

Nemyo, it’s possible. I have several twins. One of them is my sister.

Pajama man, we should play a game sometime :slight_smile:

(Waylon) #8

So yesterday at 8ish in the morning I head to the post office to ship a few throws I traded and ask about the package that was not delivered. I grabbed a flat rate box, packaged the yoyos and approached the counter, placing my box on it. There were no other customers. The clerk gave me a glance but didn’t say anything while she was typing something. Then an employee came around from the back with a large envelope and asked her how many stamps it took to send it. She weighed it, gave him a price, and he got out money. It was his envelope! Since when do employees anywhere get served before customers that have been patiently waiting to be acknowledged by a disinterested clerk? It was all I could do not to become belligerent.

So I finally get the package sent on its way and walk over to the completely separate window/door where you go to inquire about packages. After minutes of explaining and providing information., a baffled clerk told me they couldn’t find the undelivered package and had no idea where it was but they gave me another package I had been waiting on so I guess that was good. I got a phone call about an hour later. They found it. So I drove back to the post office and got my box. Yeah, in the end I got my stuff but what a pain.


I went to the post office yesterday too. I am very friendly with the people at my neighborhood branch. I asked about your issue getting the mail at your complex. They said that the carrier should not be leaving the packages, rather, complete a slip to notify you of the attempt to deliver. It sounds like you recently picked up things, so they must be leaving slips now. As far as things you are expecting that you have not received, they can only address it if the person who mailed it has a delivery confirmation number, then they can confirm if it was delivered. Otherwise, without proof it was mailed in the first place and a way to track it, nothing they can do. That’s the gist of what they said, that there may be an issue with the sender.

Whether you should have to get a P.O. Box and whether it will solve your problem are entirely separate to me. But, I thought back to a delay with an international package that concerned me. There was suspicious powder found in mail that required everything to go through better screening. I got descent service by phone, and they will take your complaint:

1800-ask-usps. Or write to:

WASHINGTON, DC 20260-2200

I wrote that address and got a professional response by phone. I had my package by then, and the delay was explained. Also, I remember a problem with customs once, but never anything major with USPS. Maybe there is poor morale in your area. :-\

(Waylon) #10

Thanks for the info. And thanks for asking the folks at your local office. The people i deal with would not have told me all that. That may come in handy.

And, no, they never left a slip. Not in the three years I’ve been on this end of town. They just leave the packages on the doorstep. I suspect my lost items were stolen. At the time I lived in a crappy complex about a block from the nice one I live in now. I had junkies for neighbors up until about six months ago.

(M.DeV1) #11

I have never had trouble with mail not getting to me on time or any serious mix ups but there are a few post office employees I have to put up with that are just plain rude.


Good grief I would think a postal office would not lose mail or send it to someone else’s house! If that’s the case I would mail my stuff a another post office the send it back to your house and see if you get that letter and if not you know where the problem is so you know where it is exactly for all I know someone might be getting your Mail instead.