My List of Things To Do At PNWR 2013

List of things to do at PNWR 2013
1). Get a picture eating yogurt with Boyd Seth and Jensen Kimmit (if he shows)
2). Get my cast signed
3). Chill with the guys
4). Film a Yo-Yo video
5). Wreck havoc with helicopter
6). Sign an autograph
7). Do a mass Harlem Shake!
8. Buy some apperal and a yoyo
9). Do a B/S/T stand with the guys
10). Donate a string to the donation box
11). Possibly compete (with a broken hand)
12). Film me doing all of these things
13). Have fun!
14). Play a game of “Throw!”
15). Trade a plastic for a metal
16). Look at a Dragon Egg edition Chief
17). Hopefully eat
19). Go potty
20). Watch Boyd Seth do a picture trick

Nice goals bro!

If you’re going make a list and film yourself doing them

Just add one more thing: Say hi to Gormley for me,please. And yes,Jensen is going along with Chuck Haycock

Just skip 19…

You’re right… that’s just a waste of time.

do you hate the number 18 or something?

saddly I regret to inform you, that I do not eat yogurt nor will i be in attendance at pnw this year.

Hope you have a good trip and contest.

But… but, Boyd you have to come! You’re my prime source of entertainment!

:frowning: Oh well.