my kingdom for a c22

Yup, got rid of mine and boy I miss it. let me know if ya got one you’d let go of.
I have a…
Bape that’s very near mint
Viszilla mint with extra side effects
White knight batosai mint
Red 07 888 with 2 pinpricks.

On the way to me I have and addiction and an avalanche. They are not mint to my understanding.
I can get pics.
I have a zero trade count here, but trust me, I’ve been around.

Ya you have!!!Hahaha good to see you’re still in the game! you should sell me something good super cheap to get your trade count rolling :stuck_out_tongue:

He has a point good luck finding such a rare yoyo, and you might want to get your trade count up much further first

He doesn’t need to lol.;u=2467

:o :o:o:o:o

Tis good to be remembered. Shame I never broke 200

haha thats not what i was hinting at…Me and dizzo have done $600+ trades on yoyonation. i was just being a smart ass and trying to get him to sell me something cheap haha