My K pad fell out after 3 weeks of playing I need to learn to sili.

How come one of them fell out so much faster then the ones I got in it stock? I need to try and make sure this doesnt happen so much. How do I silicone my yoyos?

You need to make sure to clean the recess out before putting new k-pads or silicone in the yo-yo. The k-pads in my Superstar left a plastic backing in the recess when I removed them. Make sure to remove that and make sure to clean all the glue residue out as well.

The basic idea of putting silicone in a yo-yo is fairly simple and straight forward. Use something that is slightly curved to put the silicone in the recess and smooth it out. Credit cards and guitar picks work well. The first time or two won’t turn out so well but it gets easier with practice.

Ok thanks dood.

You can clean the glue with a slightly wet paper napkin.