What to do with Yuuksta?

The K-Pads (CBC) keep enlarging! I had to buy a new set of k pads. What is the best solution? Should i Silicone it? If so, would yoyojam silicone work on a yoyofactory yoyo?

buy a tube of flowable silicone

Nah, just put on K-Pads. MAYBE YYJ pads will work.

Unless you want to spend hours siliconing that Yuuksta. Because for me, out of all the yoyos I silicone, the Yuuksta gave me a hard time.

That happend to my protostar too. I contacted yoyo factory and they said that they absorb moister like a sponge. Did you lube it?

I’d silicone it, you’ll have a better response anyway. siliconing is easy to do in my view and worth it.