My IB Personal Project: All of the Competition 1A Ladder Tricks

Hey guys, just wanted to share with you a project I’ve been doing for a while. I go to a high school where the International Baccalaureate program is offered, and as part of my sophomore year I have to take upon a “Personal Project” to complete to be on track to getting an IB Diploma. For my project I chose to learn all of the tricks on the 1A String Trick Ladder used at competitions. I split the 25 tricks into different difficulty categories instead of having one long video. So without further ado, here are the videos showing my accomplishment!:


very awesome and great job learning the tricks for your diploma

Personal project, Im a senior in diploma and have never heard of the project. Anyways, that was a pretty nifty idea!

I go to an IB school too

rdeleon, were you in IB in middle school? I think the personal project is part or the end of the IB Middle Years Programme.

No, I just did junior year and am currently in senior year. Its all that my school offered. I really like IB, I definetly seeing it overtaking AP sometime in the near future.

Good for you, incorporating yoyoing in your school work! I believe the IB schools here have a similar assignment in freshman or sophomore years. Is there more to your project than the videos?

The videos are my final product, since gaining yoyo skills isn’t really tangible without a yoyo or proof. But there is a long report I will have to write in the coming months to wrap up the project, kind of like a reflection. And along the way I have had to record a process journal and do a few other things. If the project was not due in the spring I would have entered a state yoyo contest and that would have been the final product instead.