So I finished all the tricks on YYE...


I finished the tricks on YYE and as of now i’m just practicing the sloppy ones to consistency. After that I plan on making a freestyle by combining the tricks (from YYE) and adding my own elements to them. After that i’m gonna learn more tutorials/freestyles on youtube and make a new freestyle from the new tricks and my previous knowledge, so on and so forth… I just want to know if that is a good plan and if I should do anything different to progress further. Thanks!


First of all, “Nice Job”! Learning everything on YYE is a great accomplishment.

I was actually just thinking of setting a goal of doing a video called “Project YYE” where I have to perform every trick in the 1A learning section. I don’t know them all yet, but it would be a great goal.

Then I was thinking the same thing you are. What would be the next project. Here were a few of my ideas:

Project RT : Learn everything on the Rethink Yoyo tutorials. They group them into 4 difficulty categories. Level 4 has some serious stuff.

Project Z : Learn all 17 of the Zammy 1A tutorials on YouTube. A lot of these are solidly in the intermediate level. Some are much harder. But they’re all really different kinds of tricks from the standard repertoire. But I think this project is very doable.

Project YT : I don’t want to post a link to the other yoyo tricks website out of respect for YYE (because they also have a store section). But they have a “long string tricks” section with a series of more complex tricks to learn.

Project Tessa : The same site as Project YT has some really advanced tricks by Tessa Piccillo. And I do mean REALLY advanced.

Project CT : Cabin Tutorials. There are what, a hundred of them by now. Holy Cow what a bunch of advanced tricks.

Project YH: Look up mobien666 (Yusuke Hoshino) on youtube. Then pick your jaw up off the ground. That guy has some stunning tricks.

I hope that helps. ;D


Thanks for the response! I was just thinking there are so many tutorials on youtube, that if i keep doing them instead of ever freestyling, when will I start with my own stuff. What im saying is youll never really run out of tricks to learn (theres so many!) and youll never have an act to do. Im trying to figure out when is the fine line to stop learning and do stuff based off of the knowledge you know already, of how everything connects through the tutorials you already learned.


Well even at my beginner to intermediate stage I’m having fun linking tricks in the standard repertoire together. That’s kind of creative and it’s probably a good first step towards creating your own routine.

My favorite combo right now is Lotus Bloom into trapeze and his brother slack into And Whut. It’s also fun to see if my throws are strong enough and accurate enough to get the spin time to link tricks together.

Yeah, try linking tricks together and then do something of your own in the transitions. That’s probably a good way to start building your own style.

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I just watch Charles Haycock’s videos and then get inspired to make my own tricks.


the clyw cabin tutorials are fun.  Most are medium difficulty, but there are a few hard 1’s you might want to save for later.


Technically you’re a master now. We should be asking you.


Lol! Absolutely :slight_smile:


LOL Thanks Guys ;D