My humble collection so far!

Actually I am just trying to participate in the forums a bit more, not trying to show off.

This all started about three or four years ago when a member of this forum who worked at a local toy store sold me my very first yoyo. It was a Freehand 2. A week or so later I went back and got a Freehand zero. While walking in the parking lot of the same mall about a week later, I found a twenty dollar bill!!! (WOOT WOOT). I had a bud with me so I took the 20 and bought us each a Duncan Avenger!

My next yoyo came from a member here, Jrodriguez, it was a modded kickside and man i thought I was in the game with it! lol and a very short time after that I ordered a Lyn Fury and modded it myself. I Sili recessed both of the freehands and put them in a box. All within a couple of months from my very first yoyo.

They stayed in storage till about a month ago and all the rest of the stuff I have gotten since then.

Like I said, I am merely just trying to participate in the forums a bit more than I normally do and thought I would share.

41 years old and love playing with toys! lol

How did you sili recess them?

He either did this-

He took a tube of silicone and filled them with sili.

Or he did/had it done by someone-

Sili recess-

Taking the yoyo, like a FHZ with no groove for pads. So he/someone put it on a drill/lathe and dug a groove for flowable or pads.

Yep! In a lathe.

Couldn’t be the first option because sili recessing has to involve adding a recess.
Most likely, he spun the FHs on a drill and applied a sharp screwdriver to the response recess deepening it. There are some tuts on this site.

EDIT:never mind he used a lathe lol

Can someone do that to mine? How much would it be?