My Homade CW

I made a homade cw, tell me what you think about it!


It is that satellite looking thing right?


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It’s made of a lot of capacitors.

Looks like there is a mini transistor and zener diode in there too.

nope no diode

but there is a transistor

so the blue one is a cap?

There’s a resistor, 12 capitators, 1 mini transistor,and a epoxy coated capitator (the big blue thing)

Do you like it?

Is it the right weight? How does it play?

I’ts just a tad bit lighter than the dice. I plays pretty good not as good as a dice though, but it looks cooler ;D

thats super cool. i just wish it was more practical. i’d have to buy one from you if it was. ;D

I’m probably going to make another one with a few tweeks.