My Happy Shutter

So, a little back story on my Shutter. Back in 2013 I got one for my birthday and played it hours upon hours. But I hit it on the sidewalk and it got a large scratch and some vibe. I stopped playing it when the bearing was messing up.

Currently, I picked it up and it was still making that horrible gritty noise. I loved the shape and I wasn’t buying another, so I bought a CTX and grippy blue pads. Brand new guts and it plays like a dream. The float is back, the vibe is gone and I buffed out the scratch to a tiny scar. I’ll be using at Ma States, I just felt I had to share my happiness.

Zort Commander

Yeah the spec bearings they come with are as good as garbage. Glad you got it back, Goodluck in the comp!

They work just fine as long as u don’t do anything stupid to it lol

Glad to hear you have your Shutter back and ready to throw!

If I may share a similar story:

I recently aquired a Shutter and put a brand new CT bearing in it.

I was initially dissapointed with the spin times and the vibe, until I noticed too, that it was a problem with the bearing (which was seriously seized up) and not the Shutter.

A swift de-shielding, cleaning and touch of lube later, and she’s purring like a Kitten. Comfy, chilled, fun, I love it. :slight_smile:

Granted, it isnt the most stable throw on the planet (maybe I’m just a stability snob), but for the price, it’s amazing. It’s no wonder these are so popular.

I really don’t understand the lack of stability issues with the shutter. I think it is one of the most stable in my collection. My form is far from perfect and I don’t have any problems


I find if I have a vibey throw a CTX or any other 10 ball will take out most of the wobble.

I don’t see a “lack” of stability at all. It’s plenty stable enough to do whatever you need it to. It’s just that after a day of playing with a 7075 Genesis, Draupnir, Proton, BVM2 etc, you do notice the difference.

That being said, I appreciate the price difference as well, and wouldn’t expect a $40 throw to play as well as a Draupnir. It was just a simple observation. With so many reviews on every new yoyo saying “this is the best yoyo ever made”, it never hurts to be a bit more informative when it comes to letting people know what they’re getting for their money.

I don’t by any means hold it against the Shutter. I’ve been playing it more than any other throw the past few days and it’s become my new walk-around throw, so I can’t recommend it more for such a price.

I definitely hear you. I’m by no means president of the shutter fan club or anything, and I agree that there are plenty of overly generous reviews out there, but I think it holds its own against a couple of the throws you listed. Just my opinion. I feel like it’s on the bvm2 and proton level