My GhettoTek yoyo storage mobile

I’ve been having difficulty finding a place for my throws where they don’t get knocked over or banged together. I threw this together in a couple minutes. It’s ugly, and chinsy, but most definitely serviceable (that means it works ;D). For under $2.00 I can’t complain. Basically I took a wire coat hanger and bent the opening into a square. Then I got some of these thick hair ties from the dollar store and banded them around it. If you try this, I recommend the fat ones without the metal connector, as it’ll scratch your yoyo’s. Also I kinda bent the profile in sort of a bow shape, so the yoyo’s don’t bang on the door. I probably should have taken a side view pic.

The ones on the bottom I’ve just stuck there temporarily as I only have one wire coat hanger. The ones in actually inside it are very secure. Heres a pic.

Epic Win

love it great idea,