Custom Yoyo Cases on a Budget

Necro’ing an old post to make it useful (and cleaning it up of things that I posted while young and cant stop to cringe from now in the future). I don’t know if I had posted this specific case before, but I think its worth a share. On a Walmart budget, I put together this yoyo survival case which has 3 yoyos and a tray for yoyo essentials (but now filled to the brim with stickers). I think its pretty neat, only costed 4 bucks (because of the spare waste foam I had making other cases) but even with the foam it was 10 bucks, and the foam lasted for 2 cases and the mini one. It was definitely worth, got the nice handle, got the yoyos to go at any moment, and in case I need to do some equipment swapping or anything else, it works.


I think it worked pretty good, only problems is that the tray doesnt open up all the way and the plastic can get pretty sticky from smoke so you gotta keep it in a clean area (especially from one incident with a certain someone cooking eggs very badly, the whole house looked like Mt. Vesuvius)