My four month yoyo video
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your pretty good for 4 monnths>:D

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Nice and you got over under boingy boing how long did that take?

was really good untill you put in the color changing effects.

Ohh I didn’t like the color effects to, but my friend put the effects in so I just went along with it

Your really good for 4 months. Like better than I was, I say this for a lot of yoyoers, but I think later your be a great yoyoer with solid smooth combos.

five huge pet peeves in this video

  • Color Changing
  • Walking up to shut off the camera
  • no scenery
  • yoyo glove unless your pro
  • no smiling

it was alright though, sorry to be a jerk. take it as constructive criticism

I agree, color changing looked weird, walking up to shut off the camera is unnecessary and looks weird (just get someone behind it to press stop), and the yoyo gloves part. In the boingy part, you weren’t even moving the gloved hand and you weren’t going fast enough for the string to actually start burning your hand to the point where you need yoyo gloves. But what I was really surprised at, was that you were able to do boingy and over under boingy. I’ve been yoyoing for over a year and I still can’t get both of them down.

Ok thanks guys. I really didn’t like the color changing effects. Next ime that’s never going to happen again. I

Ah, I see you’re using my old Legacy. I hope it serves you better than it did me. Also, congrats on your first metal!

Anyways, on to some tips:

  1. I think that not enough time was put into editing the video. The color changing was really weird and trimming off the parts where you walked to turn off the camera would have cut the video by at least 20-30 seconds.
  2. From 1:40 to 2:25 the string was barely visible.
  3. You’ve got some good combos already! With your Dv888(or even the PGM or Legacy) you should be able to string together longer ones without having to worry about the yo-yo dying on you.

If you want I can help you put together videos.

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Ok jayvee. Thank you

Very excellent video, I like the color effects

You are very good for 4 monts! :wink:


Thanks Mi