my first vid early mornin sesh

what do you think for 3 months of yoyoing

Wow, only three months…

You sure it’s only three months? :o

4 months typo started august 27 after on and off all through middle school then stopped for a year forgot everything started back in 2012 august 27 with a hyper warp and raider then switching to a whip,and a protostar for my birthday

bump wantto here moreopions any thing i should learn next

Keep doing what you’re doing, cuz I swear bro, you’re going to be champion some day! (your doing great!) :wink:

A wise man once said, “It’s not about the destination, but the journey itself”. Now why would I say this in reply to a video? I’ll tell you why.
A lot of times u paused right after you finish a trick or getting into a mount, acting like it was all impressive. Don’t get me wrong, it is impressive, but that’s not the impressive part. What is though, is “the journey” or how you get to that final mount. Work on getting your flow down as smooth as silk and work on your delivery a bit. You are definitely really good for somebody around 4 months.
My best advice to give you for our current level of development would be to not focus on learning as many tricks as you can(still learn a lot) but right now it would help you a lot if you worked on your style.

alot of the pauses that weren’t brent stoles and the towers were me thinking what i can do lol i don’t have much flow is yoyoing thanks for the advice i will work on my style thanks :slight_smile: