My First Tutorial - "Finger Slip TABS" - Difficulty Level: Advanced 1

TABS = Trapeze And Brother Slack
Comment on whether I should continue.

trim.F6596848-15D6-491A-9365-345C5BF088FF.MOV (821 KB)

Nice trick, got a little bit of flow, but it is a little basic. Also, I don’t know if it’s just my computer or not, but the video played sideways.

Being that it is a tutorial, you may want to slow down and show what exactly is going on.

If you can do these things, go ahead and continue. I love new tuts.

According to the way YYE listed their trick tutorials, I felt like this was an Advanced 1. Sorry bout it playing sideways but I videoed on my iPad and I videoed it sideways. Sorry about that.
I do have a slo mo app. I’ll try to post with that.
One more thing, I called it a finger slip but what is the move called when the Yoyo goes between your two fingers?