Andre, I think a improvement to the site might be that you could add some advanced tricks in picture format with explanations like Prima’s yoyo book: from beginner to spinner.

(Connor) #2

Theres already tutorial videos on advanced tricks in the “learn” section of the site. :wink:


I know that I mean explanations with pictures not video.

(Connor) #4

i dont see the difference. what is there to be explained? just watch the tutorial, andre explains everything very well in my opinion. :slight_smile: ???


I have Dial-Up not high speed.

(Connor) #6

oh, well i completely understand why you would want that now! Sorry but i cant help with that. Good luck in finding picture tutorials! :slight_smile:


[quote] I have Dial-Up not high speed.
he has a good point though.


If you like, you can download the video you want and watch it on your computer :slight_smile:


There are some tutorials on how to do tricks on that use pictures. There aren’t that many, but it’s better than nothing, I suppose.



^^ I already know about those and I think Sector_Y is not going to improve.


Ah…Okay. Sorry we can’t help. :-\


anybody know picture tutorials for ladder escape (or at least some pics of it?)