My first Silly!


i siliconed my dark magic today after the response has been gone for a few days. It looks horrible, but it works awesome. I highly recommend anyone try a silicone response i really enjoy it and its not hard at all!!!

Also my first one broke (i didnt wait long enough)

but practice makes perfect and i think the secret is to just glob it on at first! i used not enough my first attempt


What kind of yoyo is it? I dont think that it works very well to glob it on. What i do is squeeze it out super slow so i have one continuous stream and just hold the tube stationary and rotate the yoyo around while filling it. You should post pics! I wanna compare it to my first sili job, lol.


Globing it on is just fine as long as you smooth it out after filling the groove. That’s how I’ve always done it. Fooling with nozzles is just plain annoying.





Works fine for me. There’s no reason to be wasteful if you dont have to be.


I’m not sure how you’ve seen people glob it on, but how I do it there is very little waste. Having a nozzle full of silicone cure and have to be removed, now that is wasteful.


I don’t think flowable caters too well to the “glob and go” method.

I’m using a small oral syringe to replace the nozzle. That reduces waste significantly. Otherwise, yes, a nozzle full of silicone that needs to cure and then be removed and disposed of, well, you waste more than you use unless you’re doing a lot of yoyos at a time.


That only happens if you are lazy. If you were really resourceful you would find a way to use it all. :wink:
But of course you don’t use the nozzle and don’t have to worry about it! ;D


i didnt use flowable, im going to try numerous random gelatinous and plastic grippy stuff for response like maybe the white stuff they put in between tiles whooo knows.

also it was to my dm2 i slapped a koncave up in it and i love it =D


Using something like grout would not be a good idea. It makes a more permanent bond that you would NOT like. You could wind up ruining your dm2. It is usually composed of water cement and sand and wouldn’t afford the gripping surface your looking for. Silocones are pretty much your best bet. Unless your going to try different kinds of o rings.