My first silicone reccess

Hi guys,
I reccessed one half of my FHZ on a drill and painted the caps.But I have questions about that.Should I do a reccess to other half?What will change if I do? thanks for your help.

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Binds are often more consistent with a double silicone recess. Next time you should make your recess a tiny bit smaller and much closer to the bearing. Where the recess is now binds will slip pretty badly once the silicone breaks in.

Did you paint that? It is beautiful. Anyways, wait for the silicone to break in, if you only like it on one side, then don’t change it. If you would like it a little more responsive, then do the other side.

I love my FHZ’s single side recessed, but I’m w/ Mrcnja, it should be a little closer to the bearing. Other than that nice job and I like the paint.

could i silicone my maverick since it has a recess?

You can try, but if you get any air in the sili it will vib real bad. I did it to my dash and it was not a good time.

Hi(selam.Ben de yoyocular’daným)It looks cool.