my first silicone job!!!

is it a good job???

looks like you did a nice job

Very nice, very nice! I’ll have to post pix of the FHZ you sold me once I’m done mod’n it.

not bad. what yoyo is that?

A Frantic

I like the red silicone better…
But good job.

Do you know where to get the red Silicone M^2? I would love some of that but the hardware store only had clear.
Back on topic though, let us know how it holds up. The best I’ve gotten is two weeks out of a silicone job on my Dv888. I’ve done it 4 times now so maybe I’ll get better as i go.

Go to an autoparts store, funkyman50.

Ask for RTV

for the 1 sillicon… yeah. great job. my 1st job was terrible ; - P this looks like Mona Lisa in comparation with my 1st