My first mod

today, I woke up, and decided to mod my mosquito. First, i siliconed it, but it seemed a bit too light, so I removed the caps and put in some apoxy, to add weight. then I cleaned the bearing, and even repainted it.


I will try to get some pics up later today.

Yayyy a mosquito owner!!! Being a newb, I have some seriously crappy questions :-[

  1. What is an apoxy?
  2. Which part of the yoyo do you apply silicone on and what type of silicone did you use?

Thanks in advance. : D

Epoxy is glue. YOu put silicone on the wall of the yoyo, after you recess it.

Apoxy is a very strong type of glue, and to silicone, take out the friction stickers, sand down where they were (there will be little indents) the get some silicone from lowes,(look for some that has glue in the title; it lasts longer) and finally, let the silicone dry.

So… you added glue to add weight? Hmm I wonder what should I add to add weight… Where do you get weight rings? Make them?

I would just get some heavy clay and put it in the caps.