My first Metal, Which one?

I am going to get my first metal for christmas but don’t know which one to get. Here are some that I have on mind

  • Hectic
  • Genesis
  • DV888
  • The Axiom
  • Campfire

So, which one should I get?

I have the genesis and hectic
if its your first metal get the hectic
I like it better than the dv888

the axiom is also a good choice

genesis takes a while to get used to

I guess I will go with the Hectic. Should I get the large bearing or small bearing?

Small. The yoyo feels smoother

Since this is your first metal, go for something more traditional like the Campfire of Dv888. Don’t start with an outrageous shape or size for your first, or else you may hate it.

Well then which should I get the campfire or the dv888?

Just choose based on which shape you think you would like more. I personally would go with a DV888, though my opinion is biased due to the fact that I have never tried the Campfire.

I would recommend a DV888 because they are amazing in my opinion. They play really smoothe too! The DV888 also has a really wide gap so that makes it easier to land string tricks. You could also get the Campfire, it has all of the above info, plus its smaller. But if I really recommend getting a DV888 because they’re cheaper.

I will ask for the DV888. I just hope they will be available in more colors soon.

YoYoFactory’s actually quit making the Dv888 for the time being and don’t plan on making any more soon.

how do you know ???

I have my sorces.snickers