my first counterweight

Hi everyone I just wanted to say that last night i saw i vid with counterweights and
i said wow that looks fun so i grapped a dice drilled a hole in it and tied it to the string. so i went to the learn section and learned 4 tricks in a half an hour lol but it was a fun half an hour and my dads expression on his face was epic his face looked like i just walked on water lol

Ha awesome. Congrats. It’s always fun learning a style you’ve never tried before.

Wait till your dad sees you doing 2a, 3a, or 4a! His eyes will physically pop out of his head and roll across the floor! (Kind of exagerating but you know what I mean)

yeah I think the next coolest thing would be offstring

Cool! That’s awesome, learning 4 tricks in 1/2 hour.

yeah it acually isnt hard cuz the first 4 tricks r really easy

offstring would be the way to go next for some reason everyone seems to talk about it they are amazed because “THE YOYO CAME OFF THE STRING” LOL its really quite a bit of fun to watch expressions on peoples faces