Learning Counterweight - Updated: 2012-06-06

Hey guys! I was wanting to find a way to make my vlog more interesting and actually have more of a purpose rather than simply recapping my day, so I’m going to start learning counterweight on my vlog. Every day I will work on a new counterweight trick, starting with the ones in the tutorial section here on yoyoexpert then I’ll expand from there when I exhaust these ones. I assume when the tricks start getting harder that it’ll take me longer than a day to master some of them (unlike the first few). But anyways, I’ll just edit this post to add the latest video to the top as this progresses, if you know of any tutorials I should take a look at when I run out of YYE tutorials let me know (msg, fb, youtube, replies to this thread, etc.) This should be fun! Wish me luck, These dice hurt when you miss the catch! haha :wink:


2012-06-05: 5A - One and a Half Mount

2012-06-04 5A - Bee Sting

2012-06-01: 5A - Shoulder Pop

2012-05-31: 5A - One Hand Mount

2012-05-30: 5A - Butterfly

2012-05-29: 5A - Atom Smasher

2012-05-28: 5A - Nunchuck

2012-05-25: 5A - Double-or-Nothing Release

2012-05-24: 5A - Braintwister Release

2012-05-23: 5A - 360 Release

2012-05-22: 5A - Pinwheel

2012-05-21 - Double-on-Trapeze Release

Good for you!

Counterweight is FUN!

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Thanks :slight_smile: It certainly is! :smiley:

P.s., today’s vlog is up :smiley:

Added 360 Release :slight_smile:

Forgot to update the thread for about a week. I’ve finished part one of the counterweight section, I’m now on to part two and I’m learning from Miggy now :wink: