My first 7075 design


Tried to throw together a 7075 design last night and this is what I came up with. What do you guys think?

7075 aluminium
Base weight- 65 g
Width- 45.67 mm
Diameter- 54.14 mm
Thinnest wall thickness- 0.72 mm


Looks cool, can you show us the weight distribution?


Oops, thought I attached it :stuck_out_tongue: here ya go.


Looks great, could think of any way to improve it, although the weight distribution could be tweaked.
Would be a solid player.


I like the design, however, I can’t help but notice that just below the rims, the metal is cut really thin.


0.72 mm is the lowest wall thickness but it’s 7075 so we good.


I don’t think you should ever use the lowest possible wall thickness.


Nevermind, I was incorrect :stuck_out_tongue:


why not? you have to take advantage on the alloy right?
Risk should be involved for performance gain.


TopDeck is 1mm, Citizen is .5mm


Well, that makes sense then. I must have misread it.

(The Yo mast3r) #12

What software are you using?


Autodesk inventor. It’s free for students for something like 3 years and does everything I need :stuck_out_tongue: